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Yerba Mate Pajarito Organica



Yerba Mate Tea (BIO), Pajarito Orgánica 500g

If you are looking for top quality with a special care for health and environment - this is it! Certified in accordance with EU regulations ORGANIC yerba mate grown in sustainable plantations  in the Paraguayan rainforest. 

Ingredients: 100% organic yerba mate




PAJARITO ORGANICA is a special yerba mate edition released by producer for the 50th anniversary of founding the company. Its whole creation process was specially designed to give yerba mate lovers a unique experience. 

Pajarito Organica plants are grown in natural Amazonian forest, under the trees, with respect for natural environment and without using any fertilizers. 
After yerba bushes are mature, only the freshest and most aromatic parts of Ilex paraguariensis are collected. They are dried over fire and left to age for two years. Only after that they are packed and distributed.

The result is a delious yerba mate with a milder and more sophisticated flavour. Who tries it once, will not want to change it for any other.

Pajarito Organica is certified for its organic farming origin. The certificate is recognized by EU.

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