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How to prepare yerba mate tea

You will need:

yerba mate
cold water
hot water (not boiling, preferably around 80 degrees)

Of course you can find on the web very long and detailed instructions on how to prepare mate. But as we like to keep things simple we do it like this:

Pack the dry, loose yerba mate into the gourd. The quantity depends on your taste. For beginners we recommend 1/4 of the gourd
Pour a bit of cold water over the leaves - this will help preserve the integrity of the mate
Insert the bombilla
Fill up with hot water (not boiling, preferably around 80 degrees)

Refill the cup with hot water as many times as you want during the day

Enjoy! :) 

Yerba mate is the kind of drink that encourages experimenting. Here are some alternative ways to serve it:

In Paraguay the yerba mate is often drank cold. This way of serving mate is called terere. To prepare it you use only cold water, sometimes even with ice. It is perfect for cooling down on a hot day.

Mate Dulce ("Sweet mate")
If you want to add a sweet taste to your mate feel free to pour sugar or honey into the gourd after the yerba and then pour hot water. This is a typical way of drinking mate in Argentina.

Mate with orange rind
For a more exotic taste try adding a twist of citrus or orange rind.

Herbal mate
Just add some herbs (for example mentha) to yerba mate before infusion. 

Mate con Whisky
Who said that healthy drinks cannot be fun? Start preparing it as mate "dulce" then add a half shot or so of whisky before pouring the hot water. You will be delightfully surprised!

And our invention:

"Żubrówka mate"
What will you get from a combination of a bush and a grass? A drink that contains the best of both of them :)
This is a mate prepared with cool (not cold) water with a shot of bison grass vodka (the Polish "Żubrówka"). It might sound surprising but it tastes delicious! We highly recommend :)

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