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ENGLISH information

Dear English speaking Clients!

We are happy to welcome you in our Yerba Mate webshop. 
We would like to make buying our quality yerba mate easier for you. For this reason we created a detailed instruction about process of shopping on our site. As we do not have an English version of the site, we hope that this guide will be helpfull enough. 
In case of any questions, please, do not hesitate to contact us in English at info@yerbamate.hu.

So, you start at the main yerbamate.hu page. To choose an item, go to the top bar and click on the first option: YERBA MATE TEA BOLT This will open the next page on which you can see all our products. Or if you want to browse the products by categories, simply hover over YERBA MATE TEA BOLT to see our three main categories:

YERBA MATE TEA - does not need translation
MATE TÖK - mate gourds and cups
BOMBILLA (SZÍVÓSZÁL) - bombillas ("straws")

After you chose a product, choose the quantity and add it to your basket as shown:

To see what items you have already put to your basket, go to the basket field next to our logo and click on "Megtekintés":

If you want to continue your shopping click on "Vásárlás folytatása", or if you want to finish your order go to "Tovább a pénztárhoz":

To complete the order choose if you want to proceed as a registered client ("Regisztráció") or without registration ("Vásárlás regisztráció nélkül"). If you are already registered, just enter your email address and password:

In the next section, please, provide your details:
Vezetéknév - surname
Keresztnév - first name
Értesítési telefonszám - phone number
E-mail cím - e-mail address
Jelszó - password
Jelszó újra - repeat password
Irányítószám - postcode
Város - town
Utca, házszám - street name, number
Kiegészítő adatok - additional information
A szállítási cím megegyezik a számlázási címmel - Address of delivery is the same as invoicing address
Delivery method:
Házhozszállítás futárszolgálattal - home delivery between 9:00-17:00,
MPL Posta Pont - delivery to one of MPL Post Points (including many MOL gas stations - often open 24h); you will receive an email with information that your package is delivered, after that you have 5 days to collect it,
MPL Postán maradó küldemény - delivery to your Post office; collection time: 5 days.

Payment method:
Utánvét - pay at delivery,
Banki átutalás - bank transfer

This is to sum up all the information about your order. There is also a field for writing additional comments. 
If everything is correct, go to "Megrendelés" - order (the Általános Szerződési Feltételek - terms and conditions box must be ticked).

That's it! You did it! You placed an order in a Hungarian webshop. You can be proud of yourself. Congratulations! :)


Enjoy your shopping!

Yerbamate.hu Team

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